SPECIAL about Charles Russell »Groundwaters«

Quotes for "Groundwaters"

“Adolf Wölfli, Martin Ramirez, Madge Gill, Henry Darger... they not only raised their voices unexpectedly and produced unseen worlds, but they left us groundbreaking works of mind-blowing beauty, which allow us to think about art (and life) in a different way. Charles Russell's Groundwaters tells you why.” Daniel Baumann, Curator, Adolf Wölfli Foundation, Museum of Fine Arts, Bern, Switzerland

"Charles Russell's Groundwaters proposes nothing less than a rethinking of how we've been taught to think about art. In clear language, he uses the work of self-taught masters to guide us up the channel of contemporary art to the point where it was diverted from the greater river of creativity and beckons us toward its wild source. Whether we've come this far as pilgrims, investigators, or only to see the sights, a profound experience lies ahead. Destined to become required reading in courses on self-taught art, Russell's book should be on the shelf of anyone interested in the real history of art history. Roger Manley, Director of the Gregg Museum of Art & Design

"In a field where constructive discussion has long been hampered by the swirl of conflicting generalizations, Charles Russell cuts through to the essence, identifying shared characteristics while honoring idiosyncrasy. His appraisal of autodidact expression is judicious and illuminating, being tied to a carefully argued conceptual and historical framework, while his close readings of pictures guide the reader to the intimate core of aesthetic pleasure." Roger Cardinal

“Charles Russell writes with the ease and assurance of someone who has lived his subject for a long time. He picks his way deftly through the contested space that is self-taught and outsider art and will leave readers feeling confident in him as guide. This is a valuable addition to the literature on a field that is finally coming of age.” Prof. Colin Rhodes, Chair, Division of Architecture and Creative Arts, Dean, Sydney College of the Arts