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Die amerikanische Presse über »Think of a Number«

»Mr. Verdon was an advertising executive who retired to upstate New York before deciding on a more artistic pursuit. And if THINK OF A NUMBER is any indication, he'll have no trouble forgetting about that day job. The transition couldn't be much smoother...Verdon is masterly at keeping Gurney [his protagonist] a step ahead of the reader [and] the murder itself is a pretty crafty piece of legerdemain. Dave Gurney is off to a good start too, no matter where his “retirement” takes him. His creator is obviously very comfortable in the genre already... If this sounds like the kind of head-scratching setup that would get Sherlock Holmes off his cocaine, it's not the last similarity between the Victorian sleuth and his contemporary counterpart. Gurney has the same precision, logic and thirst for clarity.«
New York Times

»Verdon's brought back crimes of impossibility, starting with the titular parlor game trifle and escalating until we're deep into serial murder territory. Verdon is a master at controlling pace, illustrating the story of a rich but complicated marriage, pondering what it means to be sucked back into your life's work even if it might kill you, and demanding that the reader use his or her brain to figure out what comes next. When you're finished, you may not trust silly parlor games ever again.«

»Savor the sense of loss that haunts this strong debut.«
Houston Chronicle

»John Verdon has…created an incredible crime novel which could give Steig Larsson a run for his well-earned money…All of the characters are incredibly well developed…The descriptions of scenes make you feel like you are there, and the plot is brilliant.«
The Herald-Dispatch (West Virginia)

»Will hook just about any reader…An astoundingly addictive work filled with real life characters that jump off the page into a daring and skillful plot, this book will leave you stumped and hungry for more…Think of a Numbers excels in its interweaving of wonderful characterization and psychological insight…[Verdon] has created a book for all readers, not just those who revel in the thriller genre.«
New York Journal of Books

» The mystery is brilliantly executed…If you read only one thriller this year, make it Think of a Number.«

»Think of a number between one and ten…Now multiply that by zero. Which is how many times you'll put this book down.«
Mystery Scene

»Verdon's superb debut novel is a riveting thriller with a wonderfully baffling crime. Dave, Madeleine, their marriage, and Mellery are compellingly observed; lesser characters are vividly sketched. The sense of place, whether the Catskills at the onset of winter, or the shabby Bronx, is almost visceral. Police procedures and forensics—and the politics of a high-profile crime—seem knowing. THINK OF A NUMBER is a 10, and crime fans of almost every persuasion will love it. An outstanding debut.«
Booklist (Starred Review)

» The numbers game gets a murderous spin in Verdon's deft, literate debut.«
Publishers Weekly