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Die Liebe, das Glück und ein Todesfall

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Nice book:)

Von: lost_in_pages.__

I really, really like this book. First I wasn't sure if that's a book I would like but I nevertheless started reading it and it was the right choice. It was easy to get into the story and understand the characters and their feelings. another thing I liked is that the story is realistic. I mean the thing with the house Maya got from Rose isn't something which happens everyday but the other things like the big differences between rich and poor people. They are good described. although it doesn't seems so but Maia is such a strong person. Sadly it's not uncommon that men hit their women and often the women aren't strong enough to split up with their men. But Maia did split up and that makes her a good role model. The whole book was captivating and the end with the house was unexpected. The characters are so nice. I mean Colin and Sandy are idiots but I liked that Colin loves his children although he's an asshole. The book shows you that often the good people win. Maia get rich over night and Colin is still poor. Really liked it:) So you should definitely read this book:)