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Ai Weiwei According to What?

Sprache: Englisch

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eBook (engl.) (epub) ISBN: 978-3-641-09991-6

Erschienen:  05.10.2012
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Published in conjunction with the first US retrospective of the celebrated and provocative artist Ai Weiwei, this volume offers an essential introduction to the full spectrum of his work.

A leading figure among Chinese artists of his generation, Ai Weiwei creates art that poses fundamental questions about the ways in which art and culture interrelate with society and how society interrelates with individual existence. As a result of his internationally acclaimed work and his direct engagement with Chinese policies and politics, Ai has been thrust into the global spotlight. Featuring his most significant works since 2000, this catalog offers insight into the artist’s use of simple forms and artistic methods reminiscent of Conceptual and Minimal art, his preoccupation with the traditional design of furniture and other daily objects, and his iconoclastic attitudes toward traditional values and political authority. The book includes works in sculpture, photography, video, and site-specific architectural installations, making it an invaluable resource on Ai’s enormously diverse oeuvre.

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Mami Kataoka (Autorin)

Mami Kataoka ist Chefkuratorin am Mori Art Museum, Tokyo.

eBook (engl.) (epub)

ISBN: 978-3-641-09991-6

€ 19,99 [D] | CHF 24,00* (* empfohlener Verkaufspreis)

Verlag: Prestel

Erschienen:  05.10.2012

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