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Schwerelos Roman

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€ 11,99 [D] inkl. MwSt.
CHF 14,00*
(* empf. VK-Preis)

eBook (epub) ISBN: 978-3-641-19657-8

Erschienen: 11.12.2017
Dieser Titel ist lieferbar.

Weitere Ausgaben: Paperback

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Zwei Menschen, schwerelos und allein. Um sie herum: die Schwärze des Alls. Unter ihnen, zum Greifen nah und doch unerreichbar: ihr Zuhause, der blaue Planet. Jetzt haben Carys und Max bloß noch einander zum Festhalten – und nur noch Atemluft für neunzig Minuten. Gemeinsam blicken sie auf die Erde, die ihnen als Liebende keinen Platz bot. Die Erde, zu der sie nun um jeden Preis zurückkehren wollen. Doch die Zeit läuft gegen sie ...

Katie Khan (Autor)

Katie Khan arbeitet für ein großes Filmstudio im Bereich digitales Marketing. Sie ist ein großer Fan von Liebesgeschichten, und erfolgreiche Absolventin des Faber Academy Writing Course. “Schwerelos” ist ihr Debütroman.

Aus dem Englischen von Bernhard Kempen
Originaltitel: Hold Back the Stars
Originalverlag: Gallery Books

eBook (epub)

ISBN: 978-3-641-19657-8

€ 11,99 [D] | CHF 14,00* (* empfohlener Verkaufspreis)

Verlag: Heyne

Erschienen: 11.12.2017

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Von: Gackelchen Datum: 04.12.2017

What we get:

We get space, just the right amount of it. I just finished reading "Illuminae" by Amie Kaufmann and was reluctant to start this one. I don't like reading too similar books back to back. Girl in Space Sci Fi is quite... repetitive. I like it, but yeah. After reading the blurb it sounded a lot like "Gravity", but the online reviews were all gushing about it, so I was quite happy to find it on Netgalley. Even more when I got approved.
So we have a couple floating lost in space, with no way to survive. They have 90 min left. What to do? They try to find a solution and maybe survive.

While this is happening, they are having conversations about their relationship. Half of the book concentrates on their story back on earth. How they met and so on. A classical love story. But not quite. Earth society has evolved a bit. Nuclear bombs destroyed America, leaving Europe (Europia) on top. Individualism is the rule and no one really stays in one place, with one home, but everyone lives in rotations. Meaning you stay for 3 years, then move on. You are to learn as many languages as possible because "with only 5 languages you can communicate with 78% of Europia!. The most intriguing rule is not to get involved with someone till you re 35 years old. You're suposed to have flings and one night stands. The couple rule, meaning to rotate together with your partner, states that you're only able to form a stable relationship at that age, and of course aren't allowed children earlier than that. “It’s a better society, if everyone can give their all. So we all contribute towards the utopia as an individual, until such a time we can begin to think about settling down and starting a family.”

When Max and Carys meet, they're both in their mid twenties. Way to early to commit, but they still do, and try to maintain a relationship, hidden from society. Of course, this can't work out forever. I loved this idea of this society development because it felt so scaringly real. With how people behave right now and all the technology and social media, this could totally happen. For a better understanding of individualism kids are entering rotations, living away from parents, as early as age 7. It's scary. Max argues at one point "It's a shallow life, never forming any relationships, knowing you leave in some months. everything is shallow" ( freely recited) and I totally related to it.

"I think it's human nature to struggle, even in a perfect world. Caveman struggles to find food and shelter. More recently men struggled in wars. But us? We get depressed if we say something stupid on the MindShare. We got enough so we have nothing to fight for. And it makes us unhappy."

we should not forget that Utopia really means "no-place".

“‘Carys?’ he asks, as they continue to watch the fireworks display over the People’s Republic of China.
‘Yes, Max?’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yes, Carys.’
‘I’m glad we had this conversation, Max,’ she says, deadpan.
‘Me, too,’ he replies.”

This is Katie Khan's debut and I hope she stays this brave because the conclusion was one of my highlights of the year. I cannot wait till publication date so I can press this book to all my customers.